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Bhairavi Sadhana Kit



Intensify your devotion with Bhairavi Sadhana. This combo pack, specially designed for Bhairavi Sadhana contains a total of 4 products which are needed for you to participate.

Devi Kumkum - Small

Linga Bhairavi Pocket Size Photo

Linga Bhairavi Stuti (English) 

Devi Abhaya Sutra


Pre-registration is required for Bhairavi Sadhana. Know more...


Isha Life’s Devi Kumkum is made thoughtfully with all-natural ingredients like turmeric and lime, making it safe for your skin. Unfortunately, in many places, it is just chemical powder. Turmeric has phenomenal benefits. It is treated as auspicious in this culture because it has a certain quality that can be used for our wellbeing.

Linga Bhairavi kumkum in rich vermillion red color can be used to make oneself more receptive to Devi’s Grace.

Linga Bhairavi Pocket Photo features a radiant look of Linga Bhairavi. The backside of the photo contains a Sadhguru quote on Linga Bhairavi. You can place it in your wallet or on your desk, a gift to your loved ones. Wipe it with a dry cloth for cleaning.

Linga Bhairavi Stuti is a consecrated mantra that describes the 33 qualities of the Devi in English. When chanted with a certain reverence, it is a way of becoming open to her Grace. This Stuti comes printed on a beautifully designed paper pamphlet.

Devi Abhaya Sutra allows devotees to carry Devi’s grace with them. When tied on one’s wrist, it is supportive in fulfilling one’s ambitions, removing fear and bad dreams. It can be worn by children or adults of any age. It stabilizes energies to bring about the harmonious growth of a child’s psychological framework.

Abhaya Sutra can be worn by children or adults of any age. It will generally be effective for 3 to 4 months. It is best if contact with soap or chemicals is avoided.

Note: The Bhairavi Sadhana Kit should be available with you before the 28th of December.

The Thaipoosam kit is mandatory for Bhairavi Sadhana and contains the following offerings:

  • A specially consecrated Devi Abhaya Sutra
  • Devi Stuti (english)
  • Devi Kumkum
  • Linga Bhairavi pocket photo

Note: The devi pendant is also mandatory for the Sadhana. However those who already have a consecrated devi pendant can use that for the Sadhana. Devi Pendant is available here.  

Please order in advance so that you can receive it before the initiation. Otherwise follow guidelines on the registration page for alternatives in case you are receiving the kit after 15th January 2023.