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Handmade Sambrani with Cow Dung Cup, 12 Pcs



This Sambrani (fragrant tree resin) is handmade by mixing 6 natural ingredients and filled into cow dung cups. When lit, it gives a smooth aroma with healing energies for the body and mind. Cow dung is a natural disinfectant which removes harmful bacteria and repels mosquitoes when burnt.

This therapeutic Sambrani creates the right atmosphere which can uplift your state of mind and aid your sadhana. We have used no chemicals in making these.

The pack comes with a small clay plate to keep the lighted Sambrani. The burn time for each cup is about 20 minutes.

Why Isha Life’s Handmade Sambrani with Cow Dung Cup?

  • Handmade with six 100% natural ingredients
  •         No artificial fragrances added
  •         Cleanses the surrounding air
  •         Gives pure aroma, free of chemicals

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