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Neem Powder (100gm) (BB Feb-24)



Spanning the Indian subcontinent with its healing presence, it’s a gift of nature revered by Ayurveda.

Every part of this wonder tree is life-supporting.

‘Neem’ is truly the sarvarog nivarini, a medicine for all diseases.

The cherished Indian remedy brought to you in a convenient form, our Neem powder helps you make the most of Neem’s medicinal prowess. Prepared by grinding sundried neem leaves into a fine powder, it is safe to use for internal consumption and external application as well. Assured with a good shelf life, you can carry it easily with you on your travels to keep your body slightly oriented towards ushna (heat).

Disclaimer - These statements have not been evaluated by the AMA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  • Boosts Immunity - A juice made from neem leaves has always been a popular Indian remedy to strengthen immunity and prevent illness
  • Supports Sadhana - Neem is known to increase ushna (heat) in the body that is supportive for generating energy conducive to sadhana.
  • Natural Detoxifier - A natural medicine that purifies your system, Neem leaves are a rich source of antioxidants.


  • Mix the required amount with water to make a smooth paste.

  • Consume on an empty stomach with tepid honey water.