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Kalpavriksha - The Power to Create

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Kalpavriksha is a mythic wish-fulfilling tree. It is held as a metaphor for a well-established mind; an amazing instrument capable of creating what you want. In the accompanying discourse, Sadhguru, a renowned mystic and yogi, leads you through a powerful meditation process that taps the latent power of your mind, to visualize your goals and manifest them. He reveals how you can transform yourself from being just a piece of creation to becoming a Creator. This very nicely produced CD set includes an instructional book that includes Sadhguru's discourse about what Kalpavriksha means. Also included in the booklet are instructions for how to make the best use of this meditation, as well as pages to document your short term and long term goals that you want to create. 

"If you organize the four dimensions of mind, emotion, body and energy in one direction, the source of creation is with you. You are a kalpavriksha; you have the power to create what you want." - Sadhguru