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Organic Incense Lotus, 10 Sticks

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✨ Chemical and toxin free.
✨ Ethically sourced.
✨ Natural herbs, roots & essential oils.
✨ Long-lasting fragrance.

These incense sticks can be lighted and placed in a holder in any room of your home. Adorned with the soft fragrance of the Lotus flower, the set comes in a  bundle of 10 sticks. You can light them daily in the morning and evening and also on festive occasions to let the fresh fragrance of Lotus disperse in the atmosphere.

🪷 Benefits:

Simply Natural

Free from charcoal, carbon and other toxins, these incense sticks burn for a longer duration

Therapeutic Relaxation

The blissful fragrance of the Jasmine incense sticks will help soothe your mind and body

Hand Rolled

Each stick is hand-rolled by local artisans in a traditional way

Purifies Air
The antiseptic, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help purify the air in the room