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Organic Incense Night Queen, 10 Sticks

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The faint fragrance of a rare flower wafts through the night, 

As the soft and soothing winds blow through silent footfalls, 

The cold stone tiles and the shadows in the gentle moonlight,

All enveloped in the incense that flows through the ashram halls.

The subtle and lingering fragrance of an incense stick is integral to all Indian traditions and cultures. The wafts of the night queen flower, or ‘Raat Ki Raani’ as she is more natively known, is often the fragrance that you can smell in the ashram as well.

Made from 100% natural dry ingredients, these masala incense sticks are hand-rolled, chemical-free and are packaged in eco-friendly material. Their relaxing fragrance will bring peace and tranquillity to your space.